Follow the journey of our two British Council IELTS Award winners 2017 and find out how the award is helping them to pursue their dream of studying abroad. 

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Remember, remember - by Michael Hill

I have always found that Britain feels like an “old” country, a place with a rich heritage that is very tangible in everyday life. You can see this in the architecture of the cities and small towns, the landscape, and the many historical sites run by the National Trust across the country. But you can also see it in the traditions through which people preserve aspects of the past in the present. This is particularly true in November, when Britain is all about remembrance. 

My first mountain bike race - by Saskia Bauer

November started with a very big day - my first ever mountain bike race! My boyfriend Hans came for a visit from Germany and together, we drove to the Scottish highlands to participate in the Kinlochleven Enduro Race. Scottish mountain bikers collectively agree that this is Scotland’s toughest race: steep, rocky, wet, muddy and slippery. The landscape was stunning - mountains with snow-covered peaks, lakes and the ocean - just as you imagine the highlands to be.


After the snow chaos in the end of February, spring is finally on its way. Yesterday, I took the afternoon off from studying at the library and hiked up Arthur’s Seat, a volcanic mountain (or hill) overlooking the city. It was beautiful to enjoy some sunshine at last and I sat down for a while, looking at the city and reflecting on the last few months I have spent here. The semester is coming to an end and so is my time in Scotland. Reason enough to think about what I will take home with me.