It’s the end of February and I expected winter to slowly but surely turn into spring soon, but someone had different plans: The beast from the east. For the last few days, Edinburgh experienced an amount of snow which nobody had seen for over six years. Temperatures were below freezing and the snow covered everything: sidewalks, streets, cars.

To be honest, it actually was not more snow than in any normal German winter. The difference is: Edinburgh is not prepared for snow, which means that the whole city shut down for three days. The university was closed, schools and kindergartens had snow days, the stores ran out of food and the Meadows (Edinburgh’s park) was full of snowmen, igloos and plenty of people sledding or fighting in snowball fights. I was amused by this excitement about a layer of white powder, the children playing outside and full grown-ups admiring their very own self-built snowman or snow-woman. 

Personally, I’m sick of winter and I crave warmer temperatures and sunshine. Hopefully my wish will come true soon! 



Saskia Bauer