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Press Releases

May 2024

Our new Patron

Languages Teacher Training Scholarships

Sweat crystallisation and modular furniture: British designers conquer Berlin at Berlin Design Week (English and German)

Combatting Bullying: Insights and Solutions on Anti-Bullying Day

April 2024

5. Gedichtwettbewerb für SchülerInnen: Einladung zum kreativen Schreiben mit Kevin Mclean (German only)

March 2024

AI and automated translation will not replace the need for learning languages, survey finds

February 2024

Cultural Bridge announces 20 awarded projects in its third year funding collaborative partnerships between the UK and Germany

January 2024

English as a New Year's Resolution

November 2023

Performing Gender: Artists and European Policymakers Come Together for Change

October 2023

World Teachers’ Day: The British Council's Commitment to Educators (English and German)

September 2023

British Council Germany Announces New Country Director, Helga Stellmacher, Following Retirement of Paul Smith (English and German)

July 2023

New platform “IELTS Ready: Premium” provides British Council IELTS test-takers with advanced test prep (English and German)

April 2023

The British Council looks into the Future of English

UK-Germany Cultural Commission 2023 Joint Statement

February 2023

Literature Seminar 2023: Representation, class, creativity: How the context of class shapes and inspires writers today

February 2022

British Council announces awarded projects for new pilot fund programme for international collaboration Cultural Bridge