Students taking pictures of each other at the Marin Parr exhibition as part of UK/Germany 2018.
Throughout #UKGermany2018 we aim to host as many youth orientated workshops and events as possible. In March we were delighted to bring photographers Sarah Amy Fishlock and Kotryna Ula Kiliulyte to Ulm for a week of workshops in with school pupils centring on the work of Martin Parr.  ©

British Council. Photogrpagh taken by Kotryna Ula Kiliulyte

This year, one of our greatest aims is to support young people in accessing, understanding, and creating arts. 

One of the UK/Germany 2018 Year of Culture's themes is 'Next Generation' - and through a diverse programme of workshops and cultural events, we hope to create a network of change makers that embrace the diversity and digital mobility of the future.

Photographers Sarah Amy Fishlock and Kotryna Ula Kiliulyte during workshops with school pupils centring on the work of Martin Parr.
These interactive sessions, with around 150 pupils, introduced them to photography as an art-form and the work of Martin Parr. Here we see Sarah Amy Fishlock instructing students on the activities planned for the day.  ©

British Council 

Students taking photos on the phones in front of Martin Parr's photographs.
Students were encouraged to take inspiration from the immediacy of Parr's work, and then take photos on their phones that captured an up-front and dramatic quality of their very own.  ©

British Council

Sarah Amy Fishlock commended the students who took part as being “engaged and enthusiastic”. We certainly agree, and the photos that resulted from the workshop were fantastic! Well done to all the students that came along and took part ©

British Council

We were happy to finish our workshops with an extended exhibition tour for two groups of students visiting Ulm. The Hariolf-Gymnasium Ellwangen was hosting exchange students from Spain who came along for the exhibition and truly international workshops!

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