What makes friendship so special? We're taking a closer look at the extraordinary relations between UK-German couples, colleagues and friends and are excited to shine a light on their special stories. 

"I am a Berlin based filmmaker and videographer, focusing on diaspora communities and marginalised groups of our society, while portraying their diverse perspectives and hybrid identities.

Creating the web series for #UKGermany2018 in collaboration with the British Council spoke to me as it's about displaying the flux of cultures that comes with living in the UK and in Germany.

This short-film series does not only portray people who are British and German, but also those who embody cultural heritages. I hope these films help people see that #UKGermany2018 is about making those voices heard - and contribute to a dialogue about the importance of diversity but also about hope and visions for the relationship between the UK and Germany.

- Poliana Baumgarten