1mm football film festival at Babylon
Football speaks the same language everywhere! As part of UK/Germany 2018, we were proud to partner with the 11mm Football Film festival for a British Day of Football and Film bringing together players, football fans and experts from all over the world to share the team spirit, engage in discussions and watch the inspiring British football films.  ©

British Council

Connecting people through football

“Football: what better way to bring people together, even with good natured rivalry” said Rachel Launay, Director of the British Council in Germany. We celebrated the 15th anniversary of the 11mm Football Film festival with a British themed evening with panel discussions, inspiring films and a lot of fan culture.

"There are significant areas of connection in football supporter culture between the UK and Germany. We often slightly covet what the other has but lessons have been learnt and shared for decades." - Neil Atkinson (The Anfield Wrap)

Take a look at what advice our experts had to give budding journalists, atheletes, filmmakers and cultural enthusiasts in both Germany and the UK:

"The most important thing is to know and care about your subject matter and speak to people as though they know and care too. Don't speak down to them, don't underestimate them, instead engage them and remember people these days opt in as much as they are passive consumers. Give them something to opt in to." Neil Atkinson from the Anfield Wrap (right) advises the budding change makers and enthusiasts in both sports and the cultural sector. ©

British Council

Paul Mcveigh and daniel roßbach at the british day of 11mm
"Go and make your voice heard!" said former international footballer Paul McVeigh (left). "One of the issues in football is that fans generally only see it from one perspective and the role of the filmmaker or journalist is to help broaden people’s minds and horizons and with great movies, articles or podcasts that can be achieved!" ©

British Council

audiences at 11mm
We were joined by an incredible audience of 500 people to watch the films 'Shankly - Nature's Fire', 'George Best' and 'Kenny' as well as to engage with our experts and of course - enjoy our UK/Germany 2018 popcorn! ©

British Council

"The fascination for the game that came over from England to Germany in the beginning of the 20th century is a great combination of culture and education" Birger Schmidt, organiser of the 11mm festival

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