Queen’s Lecture 2022 by Professor Sarah Sharples: A Human-centred Future of Mobility.

How can we design and deliver a human-centred Future of Mobility? What challenges do we face in transport policy, design, and delivery? With a particular focus on automation, decarbonisation and whole systems thinking, Prof. Sarah Sharples tackles these crucial questions. Focusing on research into self-driving vehicles she will describe how a solid understanding of human-vehicle interaction can support policy for self-driving. When considering human-centred decarbonisation she will focus on innovation culture and its importance in future transport infrastructure programmes. To illustrate the importance of a whole systems approach to the future of mobility, she will emphasise the value of embedding thinking on diversity and inclusion in our future transport systems. 

Sarah Sharples is the Chief Scientific Adviser for the Department for Transport and Professor of Human Factors in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Nottingham.

Over the past 27 years, she has engaged with various technologies to understand the interaction between people, technologies, and their settings. Her work has been based in transport, healthcare, and manufacturing, and many of her projects have involved developing and implementing methods for capturing results in real-world and laboratory settings.

Professor Sharples was the President of the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors from 2015-2016. From 2018-2021 she was Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and People at the University of Nottingham.

An interview with Professor Sharples about the themes of the Queen's Lecture is available on the TU Berlin website: Interview Professor Sarah Sharples

The Queen's Lectures series

The Queen’s Lectures were founded by Queen Elizabeth II as a gift to the City of Berlin on the occasion of her state visit in 1965. Since 1997 the Queen’s Lecture takes place at the TU Berlin. Each year a renowned British scientist delivers a lecture on her or his area of expertise. The Queen's Lecture is a collaboration between Technical University Berlin, the British Embassy in Germany, and the British Council Germany. 

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