Science experiment in schools

Mat Wright

Innovative methodologies

Explore best practices collected by the teams in 7 different European countries through our M.A.R.CH project  or check out best practice from individual countries:

United Kingdom We make science real by training our teachers.
Germany We offer our educators the best resources.
Greece  The feedback from our students show us the way to improve our teaching. 
Portugal Using multimedia material, we make science education attractive.
Bulgaria We bring technology in every school across the country.


Organised events offer our educators the possibility to exchange ideas.

M.A.R.CH Educational toolkit

The educational toolkit for the school pilots was developed for educators to help them design and apply the pilots in their schools, spreading innovation and excellence in science teaching across Europe. The toolkit is available to download here (PDF) and includes the 21 good practices collected and successfully applied to schools in all partner countries, lesson plan templates, questionnaires, resources and guidelines on how to present the results at the end. 

Read the final report of the pilots or explore the activities in all 7 countries.

FameLab videos in the classroom

Searching on YouTube you will find over 35,000 videos by young scientists who have taken part in the world’s fastest growing competition for science communication, FameLab. Search the British Council Germany YouTube channel or the FameLab UK channel, to find 3-minute videos on all STEM topics. Use these videos to illustrate, enthuse, and amaze your students.

British Council's Voices magazine

The Voices online magazine offers a range of interesting texts that could be used in the classroom. Search for the science articles by filtering your results, and be prepared to read some amazing stories by scientists from all over the world!  

Our School Slam with MINT-EC

How can pupils best learn to present STEM-topics in English? We are organising a School Slam in cooperation with MINT-EC - join the competition with a small group of pupils by presenting a STEM-topic in a short video in an engaging way.

Other resources

We have developed a series of resources, in partnership with The Royal Society, to enhance science learning in schools. The Royal Society is the national academy of science in the UK and the Commonwealth. Its fundamental purpose is to recognise, promote and support excellence in science, encouraging its development and use for the benefit of humanity.