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FameLab is designed to inspire, motivate and develop young scientists and engineers to actively engage with the public and stakeholders.

Effective science communication has the potential to alter stereotypes, create excitement and interest, and ultimately justify public funding for scientific research.

FameLab Germany final 2020 went digital

Nine candidates from all over Germany made it to the final in May and impressed both the jury and the audience with their contributions in the new digital format. The final in Bielefeld ran via video live stream. The audience was not only able to watch but could also ask questions in the chat and assign points by voting.

The winner Nicola Ganter convinced the jury and the audience with her presentation on “Pimp My Part”. In her contribution, she uses an empty jam jar, a tin of Smarties and a chocolate Easter bunny to explain how particle damping can be integrated into components using selective laser beam melting in additive manufacturing. Watch Nicola's video on top of this page. Nicola researches and works at the Institute for Product Development iPEG Leibniz University Hannover.

Second place went to Sarah Beutler from the TU Dresden with her contribution "Being packed in cotton wool made measurable – in search of psychophysiological markers of post-traumatic dissociation". Watch her video below. 

The high-class jury was also be brought in live. The jury of "FameLab Germany Live" included the author and award-winning speaker Daniela Ben Said as well as two renowned scientists from Bielefeld: Prof. Dr. Martin Egelhaaf, Vice-Rector for Research and Research Transfer at Bielefeld University, and Prof. Dr. Christian Schröder, Vice President for Research, Development and Transfer at Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences. 

The international FameLab finals in November 2020 will – due to the Covid 19 pandemic – also have to take place virtually. Of course, we will report here.

The countdown for the Cheltenham FameLab international final is on! The international semi-final will take place on 11 November, the international final will take place on 26 November. Join us on the YouTube live-stream!

Find out what happens at the regional heats, there are some rules you need to know about.

UK involvement

The UK is a centre of excellence for science communication and recognises that science accessibility to a non-scientific audience is an ever-growing priority for researchers worldwide. 

Each year the FameLab International final is held at The Times Cheltenham Science Festival in the UK. National winners from across the globe flock to the festival to prove their science communication prowess, engage with other enthusiastic science communicators, and to learn from UK experts in the field.


Since its birth at The Times Cheltenham Science Festival in 2005 FameLab has grown into the world leading science communication competition.

The partnership with the British Council, begun in 2007, has seen the competition go global, with more than 5000 young scientists and engineers participating in over 25 different countries. 2015 sees FameLab’s growth set to continue, with the addition of even more countries to the competition.

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