Maker Library = Makespace + Library + Gallery

Maker Libraries are creative spaces that combine reading, showing, and making. They are defined by three key elements: a library, a make-space and a gallery. Each Maker Library connects with the network over an online platform.

Elegant Embellishments Ltd will function as Germany’s first Maker Library in the international Maker Library Network. Its team will operate from their architectural studio, create a community centre and reading-room, host discussions and workshops. They will connect with the other Maker Libraries in the Network over the online platform which also provides access to open source designs and mentoring resources.

Our Maker Videos from Berlin's MakeCity festival 2015

Developing an app: tips from the Germany startup scene

Are you interested in developing your own app? If so, watch our video with insider tips from Miho Tanaka. She is the CEO and Founder of AirMarkr, a prototype app being developed to let you use your phone to draw in 3D space.

Learn to code like the Ancient Incas

The khipu (or quipu) system is a series of knotted or coloured cotton cords used by the ancient Inca, to store information and send coded messages, in much the same way that encrypted email is sent today. How did it work? Designer and developer Cecilia Palmer tells you all you need to know in this video about this ancient system of encoding.

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