Workshop: The Power of Narrative: Migration, Trauma and the Story of Us.

Together with Questscope Germany and the Migration Hub Network we were delighted to host a closed workshop for refugees and a public event on the science and practice of storytelling for changemaking. Attendees learned more about the power of narratives through practical and innovative storytelling exercises, pushing the boundaries of traditional forms of communication to explore more deeply issues surrounding identity, trauma, dealing with the stories of our past, and how those stories affect our future.

We were overwhelmed with the grat response by participants to the fully-booked workshops and their engagement to learn and practice storytelling.

"It [the workshop] reinforced my belief that words are powerful but has also made me realise how different words can mean different things to different people, depending on one’s personal experience." - workshop participant.

The event was guided by Questscope and local Syrian #MeWeSyria trainers, an international programme of #MeWe International Inc which uses storytelling for healing, community-building and creative enterprise for refugees and the marginalised. They were joined by the founder of #MeWe International Mohsin Mohi Ud Din and expert Justine Hardy.
Participants moved around outside, learning about each other, and the things they have in common.  It was great to see how they formed themselves into teams, discussed how storytelling exercises can help young people, and learned skills that they will take on, into work with their communities.

The workshops took place ahead of our storytelling event at the internationl literature festival Berlin, where two workshop participants presented their works. Find out more here.