Scene from the music theatre The Paper Cinema’s Odyssey

James Allan

Thursday 19 June 2014 -
20:00 to 23:59
Orangerie Herrenhausen

Image: © James Allan

KunstFestSpiele Herrenhausen I 19 June I 20:00

The Odyssey produced by the English theatre group “Paper Cinema” is enchanting and astounding in equal quantities. With the simplest materials, they are able to create a sophisticated art form with cinematic allusions despite remaining within the theatrical genre.

The protagonists in their film are figures cut out of paper. In front of the audiences’ eyes, these figures are created, moved with precise timing and projected with a camera onto the screen. Three gifted musicians augment this interplay of illusion with a magnificent soundtrack in which a few instruments and simple household objects are used to unleash the tonal world of an orchestra and a remarkable spectrum of accompanying sounds.

“The Paper Cinema’s Odyssey” was developed jointly by: Nicholas Rawling, Imogen Charleston, Caroline Williams, Irena Stratieva (movement and puppetry) und Christopher Reed, Ed Dowie, Katherine Mann, Matthew Brown (music)

Duration ca. 70 minutes


Standard: 25/20/10 Euro (Reduced: 20/15/8 Euro)

Age recommendation: 14+, children 8 years and older accompanied by adults

A co-production by Paper Cinema and the Battersea Arts Centre

With support from the British Council