Wednesday 04 March 2020 -
19:00 to 21:00

Klang Farben Text is a three-day visual poetry festival taking place at the Lyrik Kabinett in Munich on 3–5 March 2020. 

On the second evening of the festival the performing poets will be:

  • Jürgen O. Olbrich and Steven J. Fowler
  • Angelika Janz and Victoria Bean
  • Benedikt Kuhn and Kimberly Campanello

You can find the authors' bios and more information on their professional career here

Please join us on the following evening too, 5 March for performances with the remaining six poets.

Note that the event will start at 1900 hrs but doors will open at 1800 hrs and you are welcome to come and and see the films produced by the artists shown from then on.

Admission per event: €8 / €6; for three evenings: €15 / €10 box office, free choice of seats
The events will take place primarily in English, with some readings in German.