Film by Esther May Campbell
Friday 02 December 2016 to Saturday 03 December 2016
Kino in der KulturBrauerei, Berlin

Light Years by Esther May Campbell

Rose reckons a family’s like a constellation - all connected, hanging up there, in the infinite. Stars can feel each other, even if some died millions of years ago. Even if they’re light years apart. Over the course of one long day, as mum wills her children closer, Rose’s fractured family pulls back into its constellation. Aching to reconnect they find themselves facing the true implications of their own devastating, inherited legacy.

About the Director

Esther May Campbell. 27th May 1972, London, Kings Cross St Pancras. Self-taught photographer and film maker, Esther has directed low fi music vids, sex education films, corporates for and about randy sailors as well as Channel 4 dramas and the BBC’s ‘Wallander’ starring Kenneth Branagh. Her captivating cinema stories tell of lost souls, tragic lovers, limbo lives and daydreamers, all found in her self-penned short, the multi awarded and BAFTA winning ‘September’. Working with the Cube Cinema collective in her adopted home of Bristol, Esther mobilises a community cinema for children effected by the aftermath of the Haiti and Nepal earthquakes.

Around the World in 14 Films

This annual independent international film festival brings 14 extraordinary films from 14 regions around the world to Berlin. From South America to Africa, through different parts of Europe to the Near East, through the Middle East and Central Asia to parts of the Far East, and on to North and Central America: 14 films representing 14 different, personal, artistic visions of 14 areas of the world.

Each of the 14 films will be presented by another leading German director, actor, artist or journalist, who will introduce both the film and the directress/director (if she/he is in attendance), and then moderate a discussion with the audience and the directress/director immediately after the film.

Date and time

  • 2 December, 9:45pm, director in attendance
  • 3 December, 7:30pm, director in attendance

The will be a Q&A after both screenings


Kino in der KulturBrauerei, Schönhauser Allee 36, 10435 Berlin

Opening hours

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