9. Berlin Biennale für zeitgenössische Kunst / 9th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art, Simon Fujiwara, Installationsansicht / Installation view, The Happy Museum, 2016, Beratung / Consultation Daniel Fujiwara, Verschiedene Materialien / Mixed media, Courtesy Simon Fujiwara, Foto/Photo: Timo Ohler ©

9th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art, Courtesy Simon Fujiwara, Photo: Timo Ohler


Saturday 04 June 2016 - 19:00 to Sunday 18 September 2016 - 19:00

The 9th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art seeks to materialize the digital condition and the paradoxes that increasingly make up the world in 2016: the virtual as the real, nations as brands, people as data, culture as capital, wellness as politics, happiness as GDP, and so on. With its selection of exhibition venues it aims to shape-shift across multiple sites, each one releasing a whiff of contemporary “paradessence” (paradox + essence).




Founded in 2015 in London

Fabrizio Ballabio * 1986 in Naples, IT

Alessandro Bava * 1988 in Naples, IT

Luis Ortega Govela * 1988 in Tampico, MX

Octave Perrault * 1988 in Paris

Live and work in London




In the so-called “age of access,” domains once circumscribed as personal are now gray zones of public/private profit-making. Homes are rented out on Airbnb, every car owner is a potential Uber driver, and our bodies are made fit (or unfit) for digital capital through real-time medical tracking and image economies. Founded under the name AIRBNB Pavilion, the collective åyr highlights these contemporary complications of ownership and property, privacy and control, structures and representations in their architecture-based practice. 


Cécile B. Evans


* 1983 in Cleveland, US, lives and works in London and Berlin


What the Heart Wants, 2016


Unraveling the value of emotion in contemporary society, the work of Belgian-American artist Cécile B. Evans explores the person-to-machine exchanges that have come to define the contemporary human condition. Her video installation What the Heart Wants (2016) examines what constitutes a person in the digital age and how machines (technical, social, and political) shape how we are “human.


Simon Fujiwara


* 1982 in London, lives and works in Berlin


The Happy Museum, 2016


From the performative fabrication of an erotic novel or the exposition of his own collected things, Simon Fujiwara’s installations and performances question the way we conventionally experience artworks, melding fact with fiction to indicate where such distinctions seem no longer relevant. The Happy Museum is a capsule museum within the Berlin Biennale produced by Fujiwara in consultation with his brother Daniel, an economist working in the field of “happiness economics.”




Founded in 2013 in Dubai, AE

Nanu Al-Hamad * 1987 in Kuwait City, lives and works in New York, US

Abdullah Al-Mutairi * 1990 in Kuwait City, lives and works in Kuwait City

Aziz Alqatami * 1979 in Kuwait City, lives and works in Kuwait City

Barrak Alzaid * 1985 in Kuwait City, lives and works in Kuwait City

Khalid al Gharaballi * 1981 in Kuwait City, lives and works in Kuwait City

Amal Khalaf * 1982 in Singapore, lives and works in London

Fatima Al Qadiri * 1981 in Dakar, lives and works in Berlin

Monira Al Qadiri * 1983 in Dakar, lives and works in Amsterdam, NL


طاقةإيجابية/Positive Pathways (+),2016


The ideologies, material culture, and state-corporate paradoxes of the Arab Gulf States are the focus of works produced by the collective GCC, which borrows its name from the intergovernmental organization of the Gulf Cooperation Council. Most recently GCC has looked at how “positive energy” movements, New Age practices, California start-up culture, and corporate philosophies appear in unexpected, hybrid forms in the Gulf. 


Josephine Pryde


* 1967 in Alnwick, GB, lives and works in Berlin und and London


The New Media Express, 2014

Hands „Für mich“, 2014–16


How to view an exhibition from a seat on the carriage of a miniature train? The New Media Express (2014) is a five-inch gauge model of a full-size train, complete with graffiti added by artists unknown. The train tracks run parallel to a series of artworks mounted on the wall.


Christopher Kulendran Thomas


* 1979 in London, lives and works in London


New Eelam, 2016


How might citizenship be reconceived in an age of technologically accelerated dislocation? New Eelam introduces a startup founded by the artist to develop a flexible, global housing subscription that is based on collective ownership.


Curatorial Team 


Lauren Boyle

Solomon Chase

Marco Roso

David Toro

Date and time



Akademie der Künste

Pariser Platz 4, 10117 Berlin


ESMT European School of Management and Technology

Schlossplatz 1, 10178 Berlin


The Feuerle Collection

Hallesches Ufer 70, 10963 Berlin


KW Institute for Contemporary Art

Auguststraße 69, 10117 Berlin



Admission all venues 26 €


Opening hours

WedMon 11 am7 pm, Thu 11 am–9 pm