Who we work with


Examples of current partnerships

Teacher training

Since 2011 the British Council has assisted the Ministry of Education in Saxony-Anhalt with a major teacher training project, supported by the European Commission’s European Social Fund. A tailor-made programme called ‘Training of Communicative Competencies for Teachers of English’ was developed in close consultation with the teacher training institute LISA (State Institute for School Quality and Teacher Training of Saxony-Anhalt). Over a period of three years up to 1,200 teachers of English throughout Saxony-Anhalt will take part in a blended learning programme combining face-to-face, online and UK home-stay courses.

Business communication

Since 2009 we have been an associate member of the ERFA Wirtschaft Sprache group, supporting successful international communication and cooperation in industry and business. ERFA Wirtschaft Sprache offers a network and events for exchanging experience and information on the latest research and developments in language learning and training for the workplace.


In the area of education, we are working with the science development departments in several cities across Germany, the Helmoltz Association and the magazine GEO to establish the science communication contest FameLab in Germany.


As part of our work in Exams, we work with many organisations throughout Germany.