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Insider Tips from Sissy Lorenz (regional winner Bielefeld and second place Germany final 2016)

Why did you join FameLab? And how did you overcome the stage fright?

It was my supervising professor’s idea during my doctoral thesis: he said my subject would fit well. I thought "why not" and spontaneously signed up on the last day. I was off on the day of the preliminary decision and used it to prepare my presentation and craft my prop. Everything was completely relaxed and without stress. I always only get stage fright a few minutes before and it helped me to be confident in the first few sentences I was going to say.

What was the best thing about FameLab – scientifically as well as personally?

I have been able to make a lot of great contacts through FameLab (participating myself but also by attending the following years as an alumna) and this has brought me forward both privately and professionally. For me personally however, it had another meaning because I discovered how fun it is to be on stage. I then participated in two science slams and various scientific conferences. Scientifically, FameLab has of course shed a lot of light on our project in the local press which pleased not only me but also the entire working group.

Has joining FameLab given your career a new twist? Has anything else changed since then?

Completely. FameLab was the begin for a wholly new career path. Since then, I have been giving workshops on communication and presentations myself at irregular intervals, have trained myself a lot in this field, moderated events and would like to continue to focus more on science communication in the future. With the completion of my doctorate in September this year, my time as an active scientist is over and I am looking for my new career path, so to speak.

What are your top 3 tips for people thinking about joining FameLab?

Tip 1: As it was in my case: no guts, no glory – without FameLab I would never be where I am now! 

Tip 2: EVERY STEM theme, no matter the subject can be brought to the stage in an interesting way. Maybe there are alumni in your own city who can be consulted or you can watch videos on YouTube of past contestants ... this will surely inspire you. 

Tip 3: HAVE FUN! It takes courage to stand on such a big stage. Everyone who has mastered this has already won, no matter how the lecture will go and whether you win or not. So just enjoy the evening among really nice people. :) 

Thank you, Sissy! Apply now for FameLab 2020 in a city near you!