Christopher Kyba leaning against a streetlight

Insider Tips from Christopher Kyba (2nd place FameLab Berlin-Brandenburg 2012 and 2013)

Why did you join FameLab? And how did you overcome the stage fright?

I like talking about my work, so it was a cool chance to try a new format, potentially win some money, and get to do the training. I've given well over 100 talks in the last decade, and the truth is I still sometimes get nervous. But it's like jumping into a cool lake in the summer – I always take a long time to do it, but once I'm in the water it's fine and a lot of fun. It always goes the same way for me with public speaking.

What was the best thing about FameLab – scientifically as well as personally?

The training was the best part from a professional standpoint. I get interviewed a lot, and the FameLab media training has helped me get two of my publications into the Altmetric top 100 for their respective years. The camaraderie with the other finalists and the fun we had at the training and the final was the best part personally.

Has joining FameLab given your career a new twist? Has anything else changed since then?

My experience speaking to general audiences has translated well to speaking to professional audiences, so I get asked to give a lot of talks.

What are your top 3 tips for people thinking about joining FameLab?

Tip 1: If you are thinking of taking part, then take part!

Tip 2: Don't leave your preparation for the regional competition to the day (or night) before.

Tip 3: It's not necessary to have props. They can definitely help, but unless they are really necessary to bring your point across, a prop can easily detract from your presentation.

Thank you, Christopher!

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