a man wearing headphones sitting in a library in front of a laptop
Wednesday 03 June 2020 -
13:00 to 14:30

This workshop explores the ways in which use of the learners' own language(s) can support learning in the classroom - both face-to-face, and, of course, online!

Examining when and how own-language use by teachers or learners might be helpful, you will reflect on your own attitudes to own-language use, examine possible alternatives to your current approach, and consider how far they are appropriate for your own context. We will look at how teachers might use the learners’ own language in class, and explore own-language practices, tasks and activities that learners might usefully engage in.

The workshop will be led by Graham Hall, Associate Professor in Applied Linguistics/TESOL at Northumbria University, UK and renowned expert on English Language Teaching.

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