City of Coventry in black and white, landscape image
Saturday 05 October 2019 -
20:00 to 21:30

THE UNFINISHED CITY deals with the city of Coventry which has been destroyed during Second World War, reconstructed afterwards but is now still dealing with the trauma linked to its demolition. The show also introduces its audiences to a writer who is looking for a greater sense between everything that surrounds him. 

Chris O‘Connell, the performer and author of THE UNFINISHED CITY, teamed up with pianist Amy Kakoura to bring the play to Dresden for a one-time performance. Initially intended for Shop Front Theatre Coventry (a former fish and chips shop), the play is part of Societaetstheater Dresden's szene:EUROPA festival that invites artists from a partnering country once a year. For the final year this year, artists from nine twin towns all over Europe have been invited to perform 2 to 12 October. 

There will be a subsequent talk covering this unusual theatre, further cultural initiatives and the Shop Front Theatre itself.