History Slam in Göttingen
Wednesday 24 September 2014 - 00:00
ThOP - Theater im OP, Göttingen

As part of the 50th Convention of German Historians in Göttingen, a history slam will take place on 24 September at 20:15. The participants are going to offer insights into a wide variety of history-related research topics. Thereby, they will have the opportunity to discuss their work with a highly diverse audience, which will be convinced that science can be truly entertaining and exciting. 

The Presentations

The research will be presented using an approximately five-minute lecture and / or presentation. There are all methods and props allowed that help to explain the topic to colleagues as well as to a non-specialist audience in a professional and entertaining way, while creativity has no limits. The three winners are chosen by the jury and receive each 300, 200 or 100 Euros. In addition, a special prize for the winner of the Public Vote will be awarded.

Supported by Gerda Henkel Foundation and the British Council.

Tickets can be picked up for free by participants of  the 50th Convention of German Historians in the central auditorium, room no. 1.140 (Organisationsbüro).