Vincent Zimmer
London School of Economics and Political Science graduate Vincent Zimmer has won the Entrepreneurial Award for Europe for his outstanding work and founding the social enterprise Kiron. ©

Vincent Zimmer.

Vincent Zimmer wins the European Entrepreneurial Award 2018

We are proud to present Vincent Zimmer as one of the three European winners of the UK Alumni Awards. The Entrepreneurial Award recognises UK alumni who are active in initiating or contributing to innovative or creative new ideas, solutions or business opportunities.

Vincent studied for an MSc in Public Policy and Administration at the London School of Economics and Politics (LSE) and went on to found Kiron Higher Education, a social enterprise allowing refugees to access higher education through online classes provided by 56 world-class universities.

Vincent feels his time in the UK had a unique influence on his professional life and personal development. It took him out of his comfort zone, calling for well-structured arguments to back up his theories, and the exposure to people of different backgrounds and cultures stuck with him.

"Be authentic and try to solve problems you deeply care about and not something that seems to be hot topic at the moment. Solving problems take time and only your passion will allow you to make a difference and be in for the long run." - Vincent Zimmer

Together with partners and 200 volunteers, Vincent Zimmer has built an education network with 2 focus countries that is enabling 3200 refugee students to receive a university degree.  ©


What has been his biggest challenge to date? “To accept the things I cannot change and focus on the things I can influence. For me this means especially, overcoming personal weaknesses you are aware of and accept but still have problems to really change yourself in order to move on." - Vincent Zimmer ©


Having experienced intercultural exchange and UK-German connections during his time at the London School of Economics, Vincent shared his hope for the future of the UK and Germany: 

"That we are not forgetting that the state is formed by the people and not by bureaucracy so we shouldn’t accept that any recent political decision divide us. I hope we keep on begin interested to learn more about each other and tackle global challenges together." - Vincent Zimmer

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