February 2023

VISUAL ART: Monster Chatwynd at SCHIRN Kunsthalle Frankfurt am Main, 3 March until 29 May

Monster Chatwynd invites visitors to step through the open mouths of monstrous heads in her new exhibition at SCHIRN Kunsthalle Frankfurt am Main, which runs 3 March – 29 May. In her often absurd works, her sculpture refers to popular culture, art history and the Christian pictorial tradition of the ‘Hellmouth’. Tickets available here. 

VISUAL ARTS: Antony Gormley, Lehmbruck Museum, Duisburg, until 26 February 2023

The Lehmbruck Museum presents the most extensive exhibition of work by British sculptor Antony Gormley in Germany to date. “Calling on the Body” places Gormley’s work in dialogue with Wilhelm Lehmbruck, with both artists using the body as a site of transformation that seeks to evoke a state of being and quiet contemplation. More details here. 

writing of The Feuerle Collection on a grey background

VISUAL ARTS: Edmund de Waal and Unseen Pieces from The Feuerle Collection, Berlin, until Easter 2023

“The idea behind this exhibition is to juxtapose the lyrical content of Edmund de Waal’s work and the timeless character of extraordinary Asian achievements from the 6th and 16th centuries. De Waal is a contemporary artist, but his soul I see in Rembrandt, in the beauty of Italian Renaissance painters, and in history philosophy”. Edmund de Waal and Unseen Pieces from the Feuerle Collection, Berlin. More info here.

VISUAL ARTS: Flower Power Festival Munich 2023

The artist Rebecca Louise Law, who works exclusively with flowers, emphasises the importance of close, mindful contact with nature for the human experience in our fast-paced world at the Flower Power Festival Munich 2023. The installation Calyx will be a participatory work of art that connects people and nature respectfully and communally.

VISUAL ARTS: Mona Hatoum exhibition in Berlin, until 14 May

Three Berlin institutions present the multifaceted work of Mona Hatoum for the first time in a large-scale survey exhibition. The three-part exhibition will start in September and can now be seen at KINDL – Center for Contemporary Art.

VISUAL ARTS: Phyllida Barlow ‘Breach’ at Sprengel-Museum Hanover, until 5 February 2023

Recipient of the Kurt Schwitters Preis 2022, Dame Phyllida Barlow’s exhibition ‘Breach’ shows at Sprengel-Museum Hanover, with her characteristic expansive installations made from simple materials such as timber, concrete, paint, cardboard, plaster and fabric which challenge architecture and viewers with their physical presence. Her artistic practice often playfully explores material properties and the limits of sculptural form. More info here. 

VISUAL ARTS: Richard Hamilton at Edition Block Berlin, until 24 February 2023

Richard Hamilton’s ‘I’m dreaming of a black Christmas’ exhibition to celebrate the artist’s 100th birthday shows at Edition Block, Berlin.

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