June 2021

SCIENCE/INTERVIEW: 16 June, 13.20CET: Dr Jane Goodall: Unknown Pathways: Generations of humans and other apes

As part of the Goethe Institut’s Kultusymposium Weimar 2021, in this interview, Jane Goodall discusses the hurdles that women of her generation in science and research had to overcome, and explains what she sees as the greatest challenges for today’s young generation. She also tells us about some typical generational conflicts among chimpanzees. All info here


TALK: UK primatologist and anthropologist Jane Goodall speaking at Kultursymposium Weimar, 16 & 17 June

British behavioral scientist Dr. Jane Goodall has dedicated a large part of her life to observing and researching chimpanzees in Tanzania. Today at the age of 87, she is still working tirelessly to protect endangered animal species and habitats as a UN peace ambassador and chairwoman of the institute named after her. At the Kultursymposium Weimar, Jane Goodall talks about the obstacles that women of her generation had to overcome in order to become a researcher.

THEATRE/PERFORMANCE: Forced Entertainment: How the time goes, online, 23 June 21:00 CET

Emerging from the delirious limbo of lockdown the just over five hours long online performance “How the Time Goes” features Forced Entertainment in improvised Zoom-interactions with the pianist Marino Formenti, from separate locations including Sheffield, Berlin, rural France, London, Vienna and Budapest. 

Recorded between March and May 2021, the work in seven parts extends the pandemic strangeness of the group’s “End Meeting for All” to create a spiral patchwork of unedited fragments. More here.

THEATRE: Gob Squad1984: Back to No Future, 9 June

Leipzig Premiere of Gob Squad’s 1984: Back to no future as part of Gob Squad’s residency at Alte Spinnerei: The new production follows in the tradition of previous Gob Squad works that use YouTube videos, Hollywood and Andy Warhol films as templates to re-imagine and recast these formats. Learn more here.

VISUAL ARTS/exhibition: Antony Gormley: Learning to be, 13 June 2021 – 24 April 2022

With sculptures in nature as well as the urban space, such as skyscrapers in cities, Antony Gormley has gained worldwide recognition. The exhibition at SCHAUWERK Sindelfingen will be the most significant survey of the artist’s work ever to take place in Germany, offering a comprehensive overview of Gormley's artistic work. The presentation comprises some 30 works from the artist's studio and the Schaufler collection, including works on view to the public for the first time. More here.

VISUAL ARTS/online: Breath of Welsh Air, 18 – 24 June 2021

48 STUNDEN NEUKÖLLN is a forum for artistic projects from all sectors of the Berlin art scene. The festival presents and promotes art that contributes to the discussion of current social issues and reflects on them. Since its foundation in 1999, 48 STUNDEN NEUKÖLLN has established itself as Berlin's largest independent art festival. More info here.

VISUAL ARTS: Beyond the pain, until 30 May 2021, Galerie Stadt Sindelfingen

The exhibition Beyond the Pain is dedicated to the universal theme of pain and, above all, how we get over it. The show explores the central questions: What comes after pain? Can pain be a meaningful, even enjoyable experience that enables us to transform boundary experiences into a positive attitude? (group exhibition with works by UK artists Damien Hirst and Forensic Architecture). Get more info here.

VISUAL ARTS: Liverpool Biennial, until 20 June

The UK’s largest festival of contemporary visual art, the Liverpool Biennial, returns with an outdoor programme across the city and online events to accompany them. Explore the online programme of new commissions as well as podcasts, film screenings, discussions and more, under the title Processes of Fermentation. More details here

VISUAL ARTS: Martin Boyce: recurring dreams, 1 May – 4 September

Scottish artist Martin Boyce features at FAHRBEREITSCHAFT, Berlin, in an exhibition called recurring dreams combining lyrical objects and installations at the intersection of art deco, cubism and bauhaus. More details here

VISUAL ARTS: Susan Philipsz at Konrad Fischer Galerie, 1 May–17 June

Ben Jonson’s poem “Slow Fresh Fount“, in which the mythical Echo laments the death of Narcissusis, is title given to Susan Philipsz recent exhibition. The sculptural installation is accompanied by a set of paintings that have been steeped in a salt solution. Some have fragments of the poem screen printed onto the surface, and some are abstract. The residue of the salt creates random patterns across the surface. Learn more here