Anna Lena Grau ceramic piece
What are the further thoughts on ceramic materials by the next generation of artists? ©

Kerstin Stoll, Töpferwespennest (Stari Grad, Croatia), 2013, Courtesy of the artist

How did we celebrate cultural connections and artistic diversity this October? 

Further thoughts on earthly materials

In times when contemporary art often reflects virtual realities and the digitization of the world, a parallel art production is emerging, one that deliberately uses haptic materials and artisan production processes. The two-part exhibition project Further Thoughts on Earthy Materials at the GAK Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst Bremen and the Kunsthaus Hamburg asked what the underlying questions of the shift towards techniques and the material of ceramics are.

Further Thoughts on Earthy Materials brought together works of a younger generation of artists that take an unconventional approach to ceramic material and establish references to the present.

We were delighted to welcome Neil Brownsword, who has been worked exhibited his works at the UK/Korea Season before, at the exhibition. 

"Its been fantastic to be part of such high-profile events, with such levels of support. Both venues - Icheon World Ceramic Centre and Kunsthaus Hamburg have worked incredibly hard to deliver my vision with such wonderful precision. The UK/Korea season enabled me forge new networks which have led to new opportunities for collaboration and exhibition, Im hoping that similar possibilities will arise from the show here in Germany." - Neil Brownsword, exhibiting artist

Take a look at our other UK/Germany 2018 events this October:

Including a cinema presentation, video mural, reading room and group show, the exhibition SPEED by James Richards  at Künstlerhaus Stuttgart was a multi-layered work, dedicated to urgent questions around relations between technological acceleration, scientific fascination and ecological dread.  ©

James Richards, Phrasing, 2018, video installation. Courtesy of the artist, Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi, Cabinet Gallery and Rodeo.

As a platform for knowledge transfer, Forecast offered pioneers working in various disciplines the chance to work with accomplished mentors toward bringing their projects to fruition, and to present them to the public. Their festival presented six pioneering projects by emerging practitioners in the fields of Beyond Radio, Composition, Invasive Design, Living Matter, Looking, and Moving Image at Haus der Kulturen der Welt Berlin. ©

Anna Ridler: Tulip.

With black humor and a lot of wit Hijinx theatre, a theater company working with actors with learning disablilities based in Wales, staged an encounter with the cloth puppet Fred at the international figure theatre festival Munich. ©

Hijinx Theatre.

Other events and projects we were able to support as part of our season

  • In the Parachute (puppet theatre), Stephen Mottram moved white balls - and the imagination of the spectators at Munich international figure festival  produced figures, relations – a whole life.
  • "Blak Whyte Gray" by renowned hiphop company Boy Blue took centre stage at the Tanzhaus NRW  for its first ever performance in Germany. 
  • The Schamrock festival of women poets opened up new perspectives on literature, art and the world in general, ignoring generation gaps and crossing borders in Munich and Vienna. The 2018 festival slogan „Europe Inside/Outside“ echoed the political and social developments of recent years, it invited artists from 18 countries to look for common ground, to question what seemingly is separating us and to celebrate what unites us.