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We joined Make City, the festival for architecture and urban alternatives as part of our UK/Germany affiliate programme by supporting British speakers and the innovation hub Fab Lab to bring you 3 unique events. ©

British Council. Illustration by Joey Yu. 

Rethinking architecture and urban environments

Make City is the only European festival for architecture and urban alternatives, located in one of the Europe's most interesting metropolises: Berlin. In 2018 it returned with a 17-day programme spread across the city with more than 120 exhibitions, workshops, city tours and studio talks, 14 June - 01 July, 2018.

We were delighted to cooperate with the festival as part of our UK/Germany affiliate programme by supporting British speakers at the events as well as working with the innovation hub Fab Lab to bring you 3 unique events.

Participating British speakers were: Mollie Claypool, Nina Timmers, Teresa Dillon, Jon Goodbun, Roger Zogolovitch, Stephen Hill, Olivia Reynolds and Katharina Borsi.

Make City press tour
What does its architecture tell us about a city? With more than 80 guided tours and open doors, the whole city celebrated established and new buildings and their architects. ©

Make City. photo: Jenna Dallwitz

"Shouldn't we all be developers?" asked British expert expert Roger Zogolovitch, who has published a book with the same title. During Make City, Zoglovitch explained that "land is to the architect what a canvas is for an artist"  ©

Make City. Photo: Jenna Dallwitz

We also collaborated with the innovation hub Fab Lab Berlin to bring you three workshops, in which we reflected about the future of manufacturing and work, textile prototyping and circular development. Fab Lab Berlin is a space for people to work with latest production technologies, learn new tools and develop their own projects. ©

Fab Lab 

"The term recuperation refers to recovery, healing and restoring...when we talk about design and manufacturing it shakes hands with these terms and has the potential to lead to the start of conversations between people" -  UK speaker Teresa Dillon.