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British Council. Illustration by Joey Yu. 

Thursday 14 June 2018 to Sunday 01 July 2018
The festival for architecture and urban alternatives

Rethinking architecture and urban environments

Make City is the only European festival for architecture and urban alternatives, located in one of the Europe's most interesting metropolises: Berlin. In 2018 it returns with a 17-day programme spread across the city. Join us and other partners for more than 120 exhibitions, workshops, city tours and studio talks, 14 June - 01 July, 2018.

  • When: 14 June - 1 July, 2018
  • Where: Tschechisches Zentrum, Wilhelmstraße 44, 10117 Berlin, additional venues across the city
  • Tickets: Entry is free, some events require registering in advance.

We are delighted to cooperate with the festival as part of our UK/Germany affiliate programme by supporting British speakers at the events as well as working with the innovation hub Fab Lab to bring you 3 unique events.

Our Fab Lab events

  • Reflecting about the Future of Manufacturing and Work:  22 June, 2018, 5 pm
  • Introducing Textile Prototyping Lab Berlin: 26 June, 2018, 5pm
  • Is Circular Product Development Leading Anywhere? 29 June 2018, 5pm
  • Where: Fab Lab Prenzlauer Allee 242, 10405 Berlin · Berlin
  • Tickets: via the Fab Lab homepage

All British speakers at Make City

Event Datum Uhrzeit Ort Britischer Beitrag
Traditional meets new: Technologies / Materials 15 June 1330 - 1600 Tschechisches Zentrum Mollie Claypool (Co-founder of Design Computation Lab) 
Structures / Processes: Civic Labs for urban change 15 June 1630 - 1830 Tschechisches Zentrum

Nina Timmers (Director at Participatory City Foundation)

Teresa Dillon (Future City – Bristol City)

Urban / Nature: The City as a Climate Machine 16 June 1400 - 1600 Tschechisches Zentrum Jon Goodbun (Architect and Researcher at the Royal College of Art)
Architecture / Space: AFTER THE REVOLUTION… 20 June 1100 - 1300  Bar Kosmetiksalon Teresa Dillon (Future City – Bristol City)
Structures / Processes: Shouldn’t We All Be Developers? 22 June 1400 - 1600 Tschechisches Zentrum

Roger Zogolovitch (Architect, Developer, Author)

Stephen Hill (CLT Networks trustee)

Olivia Reynolds (Curator and Developer of Atelierhaus LOBE Block)

 Architecture / Space: Reactivating the Berlin Mix 23 June 1400 - 1600 Tschechisches Zentrum  
Katharina Borsi (University of Nottingham)
UK/Germany 2018