We are looking for events planned by UK based organisations or individuals to join the affiliate programme for UK/Germany 2018.

Throughout 2018 the British Council will collaborate with a wide range of British and German partners to create a diverse programme that spans the arts, education, society, sport and science.

  • UK/Germany 2018 will reach around 120,000 people across Germany and engage 1.8 million people digitally.
  • As a partner there are unique mutual benefits to be gained through cooperation on branding, marketing and communications: association with a series of world-class arts and educational events and integration into our innovative year-long communications campaign.  
  • Participation in UK/Germany 2018 connects you with prestigious partners and some of the most exciting arts organisations and practitioners in the UK and Germany.
  • UK/Germany 2018 will run from January to December 2018 and activity will take place across several federal states from Hamburg to Bavaria, Saxony, Northrhine-Westfalia and Berlin.

Find out more about the dynamic, year-long programme and its themes: Shared Future, Next Generation, and Making Connections.

Apply to join our affiliate programme:

Call for proposals

The British Council is encouraging organisations in the UK to suggest planned or existing projects with the potential to be part of the Season in Germany.

In particular it is looking for projects which:

  • align with the themes of the season 
  • contribute to the programme’s overall geographical spread within Germany
  • build on an established partnership with a German partner and/or promoter
  • have the ability to attract German target audiences
  • present high-quality contemporary UK culture
  • contribute to representation of the whole of the UK in Germany
  • contribute to a comprehensive representation of the diversity and richness of UK culture
  • All applicants should have the details of their events listed on The Culture Diary. Please let us know if your event is currently running in the UK and if there may be opportunities for a member of the team to attend.

Our team will consider proposals for content and their alignment with the agreed set of criteria.

Please note that we are unable to offer financial support to projects in the affiliate programme.

How to apply

  • Submit application: To submit a proposal please download the application form below and send to UKGermany2018@britishcouncil.org
  • Deadline: The final deadline for submitting applications for inclusion in the programme will be 31 July 2018.

What can you expect from the British Council

As a partner of UK/Germany 2018 the British Council will:

  • include the event details on our website’s calendar
  • include links from our website to the event’s venue and your website
  • integrate your organisation into our digital activities and social media networks
  • include your organisation in our media and marketing events and campaigns 
  • welcome you to refer to your involvement with UK/Germany 2018 in your communications material 
  • allow you to use ‘Participant in UK/Germany 2018 and ‘An Official UK/Germany 2018 Event’ in your communications material
  • invite you to co-host promotional or social events with us 
  • help you draw up VIP guest lists for any related events 
  • help you to use the UK/Germany 2018 title mark, colour theming, partner lock-up and British Council logo in any event posters, flyers, backdrops, catalogues, programmes and brochures you might produce.

What is expected of you as a partner

As a partner of UK/Germany 2018 we ask that you:

  • display the UK/Germany 2018 title mark and British Council logo on your event website pages and link to the UK/Germany 2018 and British Council websites according to our branding guidelines
  • display the UK/Germany 2018 title mark and British Council logo at the venue for your event and in any event posters, flyers, backdrops, catalogues, programmes and brochures according to our branding guidelines
  • reference the season and British Council in any relevant press announcements or conferences you organise and share any releases/details with us for approval prior to publication
  • allow us to reference you and use your logo in any publicity materials related to UK/Germany 2018
  • give UK/Germany 2018 notification of event sponsors you have already signed up
  • help us to measure the impact of UK/Germany 2018 by providing us with audience data following your event by completing the evaluation template provided
  • ensure details regarding your event are listed on The Culture Diary.

Due to the nature of the season there are a number of VIPs associated with the programme. We would be delighted to invite them to your event. Reciprocally, we’d be grateful if you would provide appropriate access for them with prior discussion.