Bringing together students from diverse backgrounds through threatre

"Was Jetzt Faust or What now Faust?" is the unique theatre project by our UK/Germany 2018 affiliate partner Maria Khan. The PhD student from Cambridge University and former British Council Germany IELTS Award winner looks at how high school students with migration background in Germany can interpret classical text to their own live stories. She brought together students with diverse voices in Germany and worked on performing both Goethe's Faust and Marlow's Faust with them. Take a look at our film documenting their experience!

"A lot of my work looks at how people from different cultural or religious backgrounds deal with themes in texts that are particularly Western. And so, it’s really interesting to see how these texts, that are for example Goethe’s Faust or Marlow’s Faust, which is a typical British or German text, how they are reinterpreted by people from different backgrounds." - Maria Khan

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By rewriting the scenes to their own livestories, students were able to put themselves in play and turn the piece into one where Faust is a 17 year-old school boy or girl. The project addressed their own questions and issues but also brought a group of young people with diverse voices together to share their experiences with each other.

"This theatre project and our discussions helped me to address questions including ‘How is this text related to myself and the world I live in?’. It led to a deconstruction of your identity. Who am I? Why do I want, what I want? What is good and bad and why? Why do these categories exist that we use to judge?" - student