Science Year: Seas and Oceans

Discover. Use. Protect.

The United Kingdom is Germany's partner country in the Year of Science 2016-17, which will provide the public with fascinating insights into our seas and oceans. 

Put simply, our seas and oceans are vital for our existence. They give us nearly half the oxygen we breathe, support 80% of the world's biodiversity, and strongly affect the world's climate. 

Our impacts on the marine environment, combined with climate change, threaten our oceans and seas. We are already seeing the thinning and retreat of polar ice, ocean acidification and rising sea levels. We need to understand these changes to be able to respond to them; marine science is the key to doing so. Today, there is a strong link between research institutions and researchers between Germany and the UK. 

Being an island nation, oceans have a special meaning for the UK. The seas around the coastlines and the oceans beyond have shaped the history and identity of the UK throughout its existence. They provide us with a rich range of economic, social and cultural benefits, including food, energy, trade routes and tourism. New knowledge and technologies are opening up exciting possibilities, such as the development of new medicines and tidal energy schemes.

Working together with our partners at the British Embassy and UK-German Connection we will be sharing details of fascinating research projects as well as organising events and supporting a selection of German-UK school projects on the topic of Seas and Oceans.  

Take part!