Get invoved in Mix the City Glasgow/Berlin

As part of UK/Germany 2018, a special edition of Mix the City is upun us. Get involved!

Your soundtrack for Mannheim and Hamburg

  • Mix the City is an online platform that invites people all around the world to discover the sights and sounds of a different region and create their own mix.
  • Everyone is invited to create a personal mix and share it with users worldwide using the hashtag #MixTheCity

Mix the City Hamburg

Mix the City Hamburg - in partnership with Letterbox Flimproduktion and Hamburg Marketing

Participating musicians:

  • DamenLikörChor
  • Jan F. Behrend, Elbtonal Percussion
  • Andrej Kauffman, Elbtonal Percussion
  • Stefan Krause, Elbtonal Percussion
  • Sönke Schreiber, Elbtonal Percussion
  • Saerom Park, Ensemble Resonanz
  • Manuel Gera
  • Taco van Hettinga
  • Hervé Jeanne
  • Oded Kafri
  • Lebo Masemola
  • MEUTE (Philip Andernach, Thomas Burhorn, Sebastian John)
  • Angelika Bachmann, Salut Salon
  • Christian von Richthofen
  • May Roosevelt
  • Anne de Wolff

Mix the City Mannheim

Mannheim is a UNESCO City of Music

As opposed to most other Mix The City editions, the city itself commissioned this project with strong support from Clustermanagement Musikwirtschaft and Musikpark Mannheim.

Mannheim features a unique integrated support structure for music and the music industry in Germany: young and upcoming talent is equally supported as students, startups, entrepreneurs and musical innovators. Ziggy Has Ardeur is the curator and producer of Mix the City Mannheim.

Participating musicians:

  • Alex Mayr - Voice
  • Laura Carbone - Guitar & Noise
  • The Twiolins - Strings
  • Thomas Siffling - Trumpet
  • Kosho - A-Guitar
  • Sidney Corbett - Guitar
  • Mehmet Ungan - Ney
  • Emiliano Trujillo - Sitar & Sarangi
  • CUCUC - E-Bass & Synthesizer
  • Duo Resonanz - Percussions
  • Die Schlagzeugmafia - Drums
  • DMAN - Drum Machines & Samples

About Mix the City

Co-comissioned by the British Council and The Space, YouTube artist Kutiman launched Mix the City in Tel Aviv in 2015, putting users in control of music mash-ups from a set of 12 filmed tracks performed by musicians living in a city or region. Users anywhere in the world can take part through a simple and intuitive audio-visual platform that is developed by the creative agencies Flying Objects and Roll Studio. The DJs  The 2 Bears and the British musician Ghostpoet are supporting Kutiman with Mix the City.  

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