Partner with us

FameLab Germany is made possible thanks to:

Cheltenham Festivals

Cheltenham Festivals is FameLab's international partner.

Cheltenham Festivals is the charitable organisation behind the town's internationally acclaimed Jazz, Science, Music and Literature Festivals. In 2005 they started FameLab.

Bielefeld Marketing

Bielefeld Marketing is FameLab Germany's national partner.

Bielefeld Marketing presents the strengths of the Bielefeld city – a unique mix of a strong economy, science and innovation, culture and social engagement.

Stadt Karlsruhe Wissenschaftsbüro

The Wissenschaftsbüro der Stadt Karlsruhe runs projects marketing the City of Karlsruhe as a science and technology hub nationwide and to make it more attractive for students, researchers and scientists. It builds links between science and research and local communities and fosters dialogue through events and other projects in cooperation with research institutes, higher education institutions, the media, arts organisations, businesses and the student organisations.

Die Technischen Sammlungen Dresden widmen sich besonders der jüngeren Technikgeschichte.

Technische Sammlungen Dresden

Das Museum für Wissenschaft und Technik der Landeshauptstadt Dresden.