Information for teachers

As a teacher you are probably familiar with being approached by students who have questions concerning language tests in general or IELTS in particular. The following resources and websites are designed to help you answer these queries and integrate IELTS into your lessons, preparing your students for IELTS in the best possible way.

IELTS Guide for Teachers

Our IELTS Guide for teachers is available as a free download. It offers a lot of background information on IELTS as well as further details on the assessment criteria for the productive parts of the test (Writing and Speaking) and information of IELTS results in relation to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

IELTS teaching resources

The Take IELTS website provides you with useful teaching resources to help you to bring IELTS to your classroom, or just learn a little more about it yourself. 


More information on the different task types in each of the test part and on the marking criteria are available on