Tuesday 10 March 2020 -
18:00 to 20:00

EUNIC Berlin, the British Council and the Czech Centre Berlin are delighted to invite you to a joint Science Café.

Topic: Bicycle riding and scented memories: the neurobiology of learning and memory

How do you learn how to get from the bus stop to school? Why do you never forget how to ride a bicycle? Why does that smell of lavender and cookies always remind you of your granny? Or, in other words, how does our brain learn, and how does it retain information? In this talk, Dr Elisa Galliano (University of Cambridge) will attempt to answer these questions by going on a whistle-stop tour of one of the most exciting fields of modern neuroscience: the neurobiology of learning and memory. Elisa will also be taking her audience to an "olfactory cocktail party" where she will demonstrate the brain's ability to learn different smells and answer your most burning neuroscience questions.

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